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okay, you may have been putting in the work, exercising, but also noticing the scale doesn't seem to be budging. you have hit this dreaded weight loss plateau. a lot of people experience this. but don't let it be a reason to give up. we're going to get you over this hump. your body has likely gotten used to your new died or your new exercise regimen. to ramp up the results, you have to consume fewer calories or exercise more. here's the good news, it doesn't take much. adding just 15 minutes to your typical exercise regimen is often enough to yield results. also try this, switch things up at the gym.
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if you alternate between the treadmill, elliptical, and the bike, give it a challenge. >> before we go, i want to give a happy birthday to my middle daughter here. she turns 6 years old, sky and the rest of my family, they're part of the reason i do everything i do, including staying in shape. i want to be around for them. i hope you do the same. your top story are up next in the "cnn newsroom." the internet hacking group anonymous at it again, hijacking a federal website and promising to avenge the death of an internet activist by releasing government secrets. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. you're in the "cnn newsroom." full details in a moment, but first, let's get you up to speed on the day's headlines. first, to egypt where rioting has erupted over a court
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decision sentencing 21 people to death. at least 30 people were killed in clashes with security forces today. this all happened after the court sentenced 21 people for their role in a postgame soccer riot last year. more than 70 people were killed in that riot. >> a veteran democratic senator says he's going to retire. iowa's tom harkin will not run for re-election in 2014. he has served ten years in the house before his election to the senate in 1984. president barack obama released a statement just minutes ago praising harkin's work on health care and his efforts to help americans with disabilities. >> actor burt reynolds is being treated for flu symptoms in a florida hospital. he was dehydrated when he went to the hospital and initially transferred to intensive care. his spokes person said reynolds' fever is down and he's getting better. >> the search for three canadians whose plane disappeared in antarctica is
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over. the wreckage of the plane has been found close to the queen alexandra mountain range. the crew were flying from the south pole to a nearby italian base on wednesday when the plane went off the grid. officials say it's unlikely anyone could have survived that crash. thousands of people marched in washington today, demanding tough new gun laws. gun control laws. it's the first major antigun demonstration since the newtown, connecticut, shootings. it comes just days after a bill was introduced in congress that would ban assault rifles, semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity magazines. we'll have more on today's march just ahead. >> internet hacker s somehow managed to crack into the website of the u.s. department of justice today and they said they're not finished causing trouble. it's that group whose members call themselves anonymous and they're angry about what they call the government's role in a well known internet activist. emily schmidt watching the
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developments from washington. did these hackers do anything damaging or is this some sort of vandalism? >> it's a little too early to know, rhetoric and what is a real threat. what we know is this cyberattack was serious enough that it has prompted response from the u.s. government. zee a new status update from the united states sentencing commission. it says early this morning, the commission' website was hacked and defaced. the site was quickly pulled down. it's currently being restored. the commission is working to have the site fully functional, secure, and accessible as soon as possible. this is what the website looked like earlier in the day as anonymous said it was declaring war on the government by targeting this website. threatening to release sensitive information about the department of justice and what it calls warheads, named after supreme court justices. you may never have spent time browsing this website, but why here? they say it's intentional and symbolic.
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it's targeting the very agency they believe has unfairly targeted hackers. we also heard from the fbi. they were aware of the cyberattack as soon as it happened and they're handling this as a criminal investigation. >> thank you very much. we should tell you that an anonymous has inserted itself into several national news stories. they took a vigilante role in the ohio rape case. and then in ohio, a large scale protest. they were also heavily involved in the national occupy movement. today's washington march for gun control featured a lot of people who describe themselves as first-time activists. some marchers carried signs. some calling for new gun restrictions and others featuring the names of people killed in gun violence, including victims of the newtown, connecticut, shootings. maryland congressman ha holen told them it shouldn't be a partisan issue. >> now, these are common sense
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measures we can take. these are not republican ideas. these are not democratic ideas. these are commonsense ideas that have the overwhelming support of the mainstream majority in the united states of america. >> meantime, a milwaukee county sheriff has some pretty scary words for his residents. sheriff david clark says calling 911 and waiting for the police to come and help is no longer the best option. instead, he says people should learn to protect themselves in case they get into a dangerous situation. and here is why. >> with officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. you can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back. but are you prepared? consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm until we get there. >> milwaukee's mayor are among those criticizing the sheriff's
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message. he said clark sounds like he's auditioning for, quote, the next dirty harry movie. >> a big cold snap brings an arctic chill to parts of the country. >> plus, an emotional legal battle in colorado. the case surrounds the death of a woman and her unborn children and the debate over whether one person died or three. but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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lives. now this arctic air system is wreaking havoc as it moves across the northeast. snow, freezing rain, and dangerous amounts of ice causing scenes like this one in virginia across the country. this is kentucky.
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cise is blamed for this pile up. and in new york, the cold is so bitter that water in this fire hydrant froze solid. firefighters forced to chip away at it. meteorologist alexandra steele is in the cnn weather center. >> another freezing rain event, but this time for the upper midwest. chicago has a winter storm watch posted for sunday morning into monday morning. that's when we could see the freezing rain. here's sunday afternoon. so from sunday afternoon around 2:00, it will move in, through the afternoon. and then through sunday night into monday, the axis of the freezing rain and snow moves to the northeast. also in terms of temperatures, forget it, the arctic air is moving out. temperatures coming up about 20 degrees. from the midwest to southeast, expect 20 degrees warmer than where you were at the beginning of the weekend. >> thank you. >> as we shiver through this arctic blast, bear a thought for the victims of superstorm sandy. many still don't have enough
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heat, holes in roofs and walls making small space heaters useless. susan candiotti is in new york and visited some of the folks still struggling. susan? >> don, three months into the cleanup following superstorm sandy, a lot of people are still waiting for repairs, and now they have this wintry blast that's just adding to their misery. now, for some, their heat and power has been turned back on. but for others, well, they're still living with family and friends and still more are living in hotels or apartments being paid for by fema. now, the owner of this house is in a battle with the city. they say it can be repaired. she has other experts telling her it needs to be demolished. she told us how tough it is on her family. >> it's hard. i mean, it's been emotionally hard from the beginning. you first have the shock, and you don't realize what's going on. and then you basically go through the motions of what you need to do and what you have to do and all the red tape.
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>> i just can't take this anymore. i just want my mom -- i just wish my mom doesn't have to fight with the insurance companies. >> it's okay. >> i wish i could get back in my house. >> i'm sorry. all of this can be so emotionally devastating, especially for children. then as you walk around staten island, you still see things like this. dotting the landscape, another sign that the cleanup has a long way to go. don? >> all right, susan, thank you very much. you probably know someone. we have all known at least someone like this, who prides themselves on how little sleep they need. in the end, it's that lack of sleep making them a bit of a jerk. we've got the details. so you can judge for yourself, but first this. it's easy to say that you like
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to change the world, but this week's cnn hero recognizes a kid who is really doing it. at 6 years oldering will morsi saw a man asking for food and decided to do something to help. now, the 9-year-old will and his friends are attacking hunger in their home town. take a look at this. >> one day when i drove home from a little league game, i saw a homeless man with a cardboard sign that said need a meal. i told my mom i wanted to do something. >> will is a 9-year-old child. i hesitate to call him child. i think he's in a category of his own. as a 7-year-old, he decided he was going to take on this issue of hunger. >> welcome to f.r.o.g.s. >> my group is called f.r.o.g.s. it means friends reaching our goals. and the motto is helping help others. i want you to write what we can do for spring projects.
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>> will's big personality does not come from me. >> fire me up. >> i think every time you meet will, you look at him and you say, are you kidding me? but together with his buddies, they have raised over $20,000 or the equivalent of 100,000 meals for tarant area food banks. >> from india. >> these pizzas are a delight. >> when you see somebody who gets so engaged and gets so much of the community engaged, it's an endorsement of the fight we have to end hunger. >> thank you. you can make a big difference. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient.
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i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, i've got two tickets to paradise!l set? pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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so you know those times when you're not getting enough sleep? maybe you're too busy. maybe you have insomnia. it's hard for you, but your lack of sleep may also be hard for others to deal with. wendy is a human behavioral psychologist. we all know it's unhealthy to not get enough sleep, but this is me. i'm a jerk sometimes because i don't get enough sleep, and i have insomnia. i did, i don't anymore. magically, it disappeared. i wonder what happened. >> in this stage of your life. who knows, it may come back. >> it just went away one day. how does our lack of sleep affect others? >> well, first of all, let's say we do know that lack of sleep
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does affect our health. it can raise anxiety levels, even bone density, and it's links to obesity. but it can affect our romantic relationships because we're less able to express and feel gratitude for the other person, and also we're more likely to feel like we're taken for granted. >> and it can be especially troubling for new parents, correct? >> well, of course. first of all, i would say the time of anyone's relationship where they have a small newborn baby and toddlers in the house is probably the most stressed time that any relationship can have anyway because you're projecting your own infantile memories and feelings on this baby and arguing with each other about what to do as the baby is screaming, and jow have lack of sleep. sleep deprivation can make it hard to remember whyi you are with this person and express gratitude. >> there are theories about why
2:19 pm
we may be more selfish when we're tired. i think it's true. >> because we're needy. we're selfish little babies. when you're overtired, you become more selfish. sometimes, and you know me, don, so you know i'm a sleep junky. i have said for many, many years i need to get my beauty rest. i'm still an eight to nine hour person. and don't ever call me after 9:00 p.m. that's why i have so much gratitude for the world. but don, in relationships, it's really important you get enough rest. remember why you love that person, and not be so sensitive because when you're overtired, you're also more sensitive. you're a needy baby. >> there all certain occupations where you can't do that. if you work the night shift, if you're a physician, emergency worker, police officers, people in news, you can't always get eight, nine, ten hours of sleep. you sleep is interrupted. >> it's a difficult thing, and you have to make really hard lifestyle choices. if you find your relationships are falling apart, it may be time to think about it.
2:20 pm
also, one study showed if you have lack of sleep, if you're thinking of finding a new relationship, you are more unapproachable. we're more shut down when we're overtired. >> let's talk about feeling appreciated. why does feeling appreciated mean so much to us in our relationships? it sounds a lot like codependency. why does it matter so much? >> there you go. all these americans think codependency thinks you can't be interdependent. that's a lighter version. remember, relationships are an exchange of care. we're supposed to trade care giving behaviors to each other. so if you're in an overtired state, you're not going to be as able to give that kind of care. >> i am a firm believer in that. it's the most wolf thing in the world. >> that's a good one. you keep taking those naps. >> does it help? >> yes, it does help. i have noticed just how happy you have been lately, expressing lots of gratitude. >> thank you, dr. wendy. i appreciate it. always good to see you.
2:21 pm
>> take care. >> in florida, a squatter is using an ancient law to stay in a boca raton mansion, but as terry parker with our affiliate reports, the bank is now making its move to reclaim the property and kick the squatter out. >> reporter: for weeks, neighbors knew there was trouble at the formerly empty water front home. >> i got an e-mail from the homeowners association saying there were intruders living in the house. >> reporter: 23-year-old andre barbosa had somehow gotten in and was claiming the house as his citing the little known adverse possession law. >> i did walk around the back of the house, and i noticed that they had changed out all of the locks. >> reporter: now, after neighbor o outrage led to international news coverage, the owner of the house, bank of america, has fired back, filing a lawsuit friday to force out barbosa and his friends, some of whom drove off thursday without answering questions. their license plate taped over. bank of america says in its complaint that barbosa is a squatter in wrongful possession
2:22 pm
of the home without permission or consent. it asked for a permanent injunction restraining barbosa and others from trespassing on the property, but some are questioning how they came up with the scheme in the first place. >> i heard the theory is he's working for somebody else. he's just a warm body who has to occupy the house to make it legal because i don't know how he would have found this law that most of us had never heard of. >> terry parker reporting from wpbs, a cnn affiliate. >> a woman collapses and dies in a colorado hospital. her unborn twins die as well. now the hospital, a catholic hospital, claims an unlawful death lawsuit did not include the unborn babies. wait until you hear the reason why. ♪ becoming part of the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪
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more now object our top story. internet hackers crack into the website of the u.s. department of justice today, and they're promising to cause more trouble. the secretive group anonymous says they're angry about what they call the government's role in the death of a well-known web activist. emily schmidt is gathering new details for us in washington. she's following the story closely. they're making a very specific threat to release sensitive information. what are they talking about here? >> don, they're talking about this website that a lot of people may never have looked at. if you're interested in looking at it, if you pull it up, chances are it will still be down because of what these hackers, anonymous did, earlier today. they're upset because they believe that this u.s. sentencing commission website is part of what enforces penalties against hackers. and so they have targeted it because they think it's a way to make a statement to the department of justice. they say the department of justice basically doesn't back
2:26 pm
off from this, they're going to take action. and it's in response, it's been enough to elicit a response from the fbi saying they're investigating it now, a criminal investigation. >> and anonymous, they usually follow through on their threats. are these empty threats? do they plan on following through, does the government believe that? >> it's interesting, when you take a look at some of the language, it's harsh language. they say they have one file on multiple servers ready for immediate relief. they're using words like nuclear, multiple warheads they're saying they could use against the department of justice, and the names of the warheads actually happen to be the names of supreme court justices. is it rhetoric, a threat, something they're ready to do? we don't know where this investigation is taking us, but you can take a look at what's happened in history. just last year, anonymous targeted the fbi, department of justice, motion pictures association, recording industry association.
2:27 pm
they temporarily took down those websites because they were upset the department of justice had cracked down on a website that used a lot of pirated media. we have seen anonymous taking action in the past, and we have also seen threats they have not lived up to. >> this is classified information. if it is indeed classified information, do they have time to remove this to another site so that if they do hack into this website, it won't be there? >> you know, it's a complicated world. it depends upon when this information was accessed. >> got you. >> was the government able to know? all we know is that what they did early this morning, this cyberattack happened a little after midnight, has still impacted the website now. you see that's an impact. that's real. >> let's talk a little more about aaron schwartz. i remember sitting here reporting his death, which was a suicide, right? why do they blame the government? because he started or at least
2:28 pm
was one of the people who started rss, which was a big website, and reddit, which is huge, >> aaron schwartz, a huge internet activist. when he committed suicide two weeks ago, that is what anonymous has said today was basically the final straw, the tipping point that caused them to take the action they did do. schwartz committed suicide, and his family said it was because he was faced with the pressure of facing federal computer fraud charges, charges that could have sent a 20-something to jail for upwards of 35 years. his family said that drove him to suicide, but it's hard to say exactly if what anonymous said a line was crossed because they believe a government was too harshly cracking down on his accessing of government information, if that's something that really was too harsh and led to this result. >> good reporting. thank you, emily schmidt. appreciate it. >> let's get you up to speed on the other stories we're
2:29 pm
following on cnn. >> hundreds cagathered in st. louis for the funeral of stan musial. he spent many seasons with the cardinals. he died of natural causes. he was 92 years old. >> longtime iowa senator tom harkin said he will not run for re-election in 2014. he served ten years in the house before his election to the senate back in 1984. he is 73 years old. president obama has released a statement praising harkin's work on health care and his efforts to help americans with disabilities. >> disgraced cyclist lanls armstrong said he's ready to cooperate with an international agency tafrked with clearing up doping in the sport. this announcement as the head of the doping agency sat down with cbs to respond to the oprah doping confession. >> it's amazing. you can go to almost any kindergarten in this country or
2:30 pm
frankly around the world and find kids playing tag or four square and ask them what cheating is, and every one of them will tell you it's breaking the rules of the game. no real athlete has to look up the definition of cheating. and it's offensive to clean athletes who are out there working hard to play by the rules. >> usada also want some answers, giving armstrong until february 6th to talk to him, but his lawyers say his busy schedule means that won't happen. the taliban says it carried out a suicide bombing today that killed ten police officers in afghanistan. two senior officers including the head of a counterterrorism unit were among the victims. a dozen civilians were injured. >> mali's government is claiming a big victory, saying it has retaken a rebel stronghold. forces loyal to the west african nation were helped by french troops. they're trying to disclose islamist -- dislodge islamist militants.
2:31 pm
those fighters have controlled the northern part of mali since last spring. >> the catholic church says life begins at conception, but a catholic hospital chose to ignore that when it was sued by a grieving hospital and father in colorado. ceyou ceyoung lau has more. >> there wasn't one person who went into the e.r. >> there were three. >> jeremy's wife, seven months pregnant with his twin boys. new year's day, 2006. she was vomiting and couldn't breathe. she was rushed to the hospital in colorado. >> lori looked up at me and then her head went down on her chest. >> in the lobby, she went into full cardiac arrest from a pulmonary embolism. just 31 years old, she died, and so did her 8-week-old twins. >> i have the autopsy picture. that's all i've got.
2:32 pm
>> he sued the hospital and its owner, catholic healthnishatives which operates nearly 80 hospitals in 14 states. he filed the wrongful death suit on behalf of his wife and his unborn twin sons. in court, he was stunned to learn the hospital's defense. >> how many people did the hospital say you lost that day? >> one. since they weren't born, they weren't people. they weren't -- they did not qualify as a person. >> that's right. catholic health initiatives has argued under colorado law, to be a person, one must at some point have been born alive. a glaring contradiction to catholic church teachings which says life begins at conception. catholic health initiatives would not speak to cnn on camera but said in a statement, in this case as catholic organizations, we are in union with the moral teachings of the church. that doesn't appear to add up in this case. as a catholic organization, the hospital is supposed to follow the church's teachings laid out
2:33 pm
in the ethical and religious directives from the u.s. conference of u.s. bishops. no abortions, no contraceptives, no direct sterilizations. and it states catholic health care ministry witnesses the sanctity of life from the moment of conception until death. while the moral debate continues, so does jeremy's legal battle. after he lost in the lower court, the defense lawyers for the doctors and hospital owned by catholic health initiatives went after him for $118,000 in legal fees, garnishing his wages. he's now bankrupt and strulging to care for his daughter, 9-year-old libby, on his own. >> the tears, the pain, the heartache. still. seven years later. >> that pain is why he won't give up. he's now appealing to colorado supreme court, asking them to decide if his sons were people under the state's laws. >> will it make you feel better
2:34 pm
to get some sort of answer from the catholic church? >> i don't know. perhaps it will be closure. >> a permanent reminder next to his heart. >> the footprints of the boys. >> a tattoo, two sets of footprints and the words, our son. children in his eyes, fighting to get a church and state institution to see them that way as well. the catholic bishops of colorado would not speak to cnn on camera, but released this statement saying, quote, we will undertake a full review of this litigation and of the policies and practices of catholic health initiatives to insure fidelity and faithful witness to the teachings of the catholic church. an appearance of back pedaling from the hospital's current legal stance. cnn, colorado. we should add that according to the canyon city daily records, the wrongful death
2:35 pm
lawsuit claims that this wife never made it to the hospital and there was no attempt by doctors to save the two fetuses carried by his wife. internet pioneer aaron shewaters creating controversy after he died. some hackers say hthe governmen is to blame for his suicide. >> first this, last queer was t -- year was the best year for new home sales. as christine romans reports, this is what housing recovery looks like where. >> last month, david and grace got married. >> come on in. >> now they're about to close on their dream home. a brand new four-bedroom, five-bath colonial. >> we really are looking for a new home. >> this house was on the market for two weeks before the seller accepted their offer. that's a good sign. more than 30% of all homes sold in december were on the market for less than a month. the average time on the market
2:36 pm
for all homes, 73 days. >> i try to tell my clients if they really love the home, you know, be ready. be ready for a bidding war. don't be afraid of it. >> existing home sales are at five-year highs, up more than 12% from this time last year. and new home sales are up 8.8% despite a drop last month. at the same time, rents are rising. >> our rent has literally gone up 40% over the past two years. so i think that has really pushed us in particular to look for a home. >> the new house moves more money to the economy than the sale of an existing home. building new homes creates jobs in the construction sector. furnishing a new home with new appliances, starting from scratch obviously means that there's an improvement, if feeds through more broadly to the economy. >> it sounds like they're just beginning. >> the interest rate is quite low so it's really great timing. >> christine romans, cnn.
2:37 pm
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the internet hacking group known as anonymous seeking revenge for the recent suicide of internet pioneer aaron schwartz. the activist group and the
2:40 pm
schwartz family says federal prosecutor s went way too far i pursuing charges against schwartz. he could have faced up to 35 years in prison. he was accused of downloading millions of files. they say this was ridiculously out of proportion. prosecutors say stealing is stealing. holly hughes is here. do you think the case against aaron schwartz was too extreme? >> you have to draw the line in the sand. at this point, the basic bottom line is he did in fact break the law. he was stealing. what is not being reported is there was a plea bargain in the works and he could have done as little as six months in prison. so to say that blaming the criminal justice system for what is a tragedy, i mean, this young man chose to take his own life. that's what's out of proportion in my opinion. legally speaking, if someone had broken into your home with a gun and stolen a million pieces of documents out of your home, you
2:41 pm
would want them prosecuted. everybody would be up in arm said. but because he did it with a computer, everybody seems to think that's excusable. >> so there's no difference between breaking into someone's home, their personal property, personal property is personal property whether it's breaking and entering or a computer. >> and it does not belong to you. these are one of the tenants we learn in kindergarten. don't take things that aren't yours. this young man, he was brilliant. and there are other ways to go about it. lobby the legislature to change the privacy laws. there are ways to accomplish what it is he was trying to accomplish without breaking the current law. >> it's a tragedy. >> awful. >> and his family doesn't want to hear that, but you're saying that's what the law says. i want to get your reaction to a quote from aaron's family. aaron's death is not simply a personal tragedy. it's a product of a criminal justice system ripe with overcorrections. ditions made at the officials in
2:42 pm
the massachusetts u.s. attorney's office and at m.i.t. contributed to his death. what do you say to that? >> this family is in pain and they're looking for somebody to blame. this young man is troubled. he has a history of suicidal ideations, of very deep depression, what he himself called sadness and trying to overcome that, and let's be real clear. it wasn't the department of justice. they were willing to make a deal down as low as six months. m.i.t. is the one who did not want to accept this because they are the victim in this case. so i understand completely where his family and his parents are coming from. they're looking for somebody to blame, but don, that could be said about anybody who is charged with a crime and then takes his own life. it's not that simple. it's not one factor that forces you to do it. this man was brilliant. he could have gone on and done so much more. >> he was brilliant, reddit, which is just an amazing website. >> when he was a child, 11, 12,
2:43 pm
13, 14. very handsome young man, a lot to live for. so sad. >> some are calling for reform to computer crime laws based on schwartz's case. do you think laws will be changed? >> i think they will, and i think you'll see that as a result of this because again, the world has lost an incredibly bright light who had a good goal but went about it in the wrong way. i think we'll see a lot of lobbying for reform in this matter and hopefully they're g successful. >> you were worried about me? >> 12 days you were sick. i don't want you to breathe on me, but i was worried. >> so you thought the flu was bad? >> right. >> details on a new strain of a vicious virus that is spreading fast. i'm going to tell you about it. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin.
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look at that. just a week ago, i was just there. we were all focused on that building and that city. well, the district of columbia. live shot of the capitol. is that photo shopped? it's so beautiful. live shot of the capitol in washington as the sun sets on our nation's capitol one week out from the inauguration. the president of the united states. okay, let's move on, they say they're removing a controversial
2:47 pm
chemical from their gatorade drink. it follows the petition by a teenager who wanted the ingredient, brominated vegetal oil, found in fire retardants and used in gatorade orange and lemonade. it's used to keep the flavor evenly distributed. >> okay, if you had the flu, you know it's no joke. the influenza now rampant across most of the u.s., many people are taking extra precautions. the same measures might not protect you from another highly contagious illness. it's called the norovirusering also known as the stomach bug. lisa sylvester has more on the new strain that is spreading fast. >> reporter: the noro virus, you might have heard of it before. there have been several major outbreaks on cruise ships in recent years. the norovirus in lehmann's terms is a stomach bug. we're at the height of a new
2:48 pm
season with a new strain. it is spread through food or drink that has been contaminated. you can also get it if you touch a contaminated surface and put your hand to your mouth. symptoms include abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, hits you all of a sudden. >> very contagious. multiple epidemics of it. other than cleaning the area, there's not a whole lot people can do about it. >> the noro virus is so dangerous because it's so hardy. your typical hand sanitizer, not going do do it. wipes, not the case with the noro virus. what you need to do is wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. and when you wipe down surfaces, make sure you use a bleach-based solution. most people infected recover after a few days. in rare cases, it can be fatal, particularly for the very old
2:49 pm
and very young and those with weaker immune systems. according to the cdc, there are more than 20 million cases of the norovirus each year, resulted in about 800 deaths in the u.s. >> so infectious and requires such a low concentration of virus, it is rapidly spread through a population. that's why you see outbreaks in cruise ships, dormitories, in places where people are in close contact with one another. >> top five ways of protecting yourself, wash your hands often. wash fruits and vegetables, cook shellfish thoroughly. clean surfaces and wash soiled laundry, and when you're sick, don't prepare food or care for others. >> lisa sylvester reporting. and doctors say if you're unable to hold fluids down in a 12-hour peri period, you may be getting dehydrated and need to see your doctor. okay, from lunch lady to the sidelines of an nfl game. details on how she hopes to be serving up a lot of cheer for the indianapolis colts.
2:50 pm
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so you think getting a seat at the super bowl is tough? try getting a parking space. authorities in new orleans locked down the area around the super dome, and spots to park a car or rv are getting harder to find. >> we have got about 500 spaces still left. we have spots listed anywhere from a low of 75 all the way up
2:53 pm
to 3 or $400 with a great view of the super dome. >> of course, that is chump change compared to the cost of a ticket, the cost is more than 1700 bucks, for all week we'll be covering the run-up to the big game. and next saturday, we'll be live in new orleans with a take on the biggest sporting event in the country. what it means to the city, and how it became such a cultural phenomenon, and more, kick off as we have a special report next saturday afternoon at 4:00 eastern. you guys know i'm from louisiana, so i will be watching very closely. that is my city, new orleans. meanwhile, in indiana, a lunch lady at south ridge high school is chasing her own football dream. she is in an on-line competition to win a tryout for the indianapolis colts cheerleaders. she is also changing what students think about their cafeteria workers.
2:54 pm
>> i have been wanting to be a colts cheerleader for a long time. >> they have never had a lunch lady as far as being this young, to do something that neat. >> well, tella has a lead of 1200 votes in the contest already. cheerleader auditions still two months away. good luck, tella. let's see what wolf blitzer has, "the situation room" is straight ahead. don, thank you very much, a lot more coming up. gloria borger's exclusive interview with the vice president, joe biden. and hillary clinton's world, and our own lisa sylvester takes a closer look at how the obama daughters, sasha and malia, have grown up before our very own eyes, all that coming up on "the situation room." all right, we'll be watching. thank you, 100 years ago the first regiment of freed slaves
2:55 pm
found themselves in their very first battle. it is a story you probably haven't heard, stick around, the story is next. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that?
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2:57 pm
borger, bor . you're going to like this next story, i promise. i have a civil war story for you now. it is a black history story that you probably have not heard before. 150 years ago today, in 1863, the first regiment of freed slaves found themselves in what
2:58 pm
their commander called their first union fight. they didn't know if they would even fight, and if they did, could they win? those answers came in florida. >> good morning, gentlemen, i am colonel robert gould shaw. >> reporter: while the men in the movie "glory" were still training, another regiment of volunteers was already in its first battle. >> this area would probably be the site of the battle of 100 pines. >> not the most famous fight, but maybe one of the most important of the civil war. >> yes, there were other bigger and more known battles, but that engagement up the st. marys was their battle, their battle to prove themselves. and to open the door for 180,000 african-americans to join the
2:59 pm
union army. >> union general david hunter ordered that all the slaves in south carolina and florida were free. he quickly formed his own regiment of freed men, but without washington's agreement. that meant they could be form formally recognized by the war department. their commander was eager to test them on an expedition to florida. >> here we are at fort clinch, where the first of them served. obviously arriving in january, they immediately are going to go on that mission. >> well, that one night, night of the 26th of january, in 1863, a confederate unit, and the regiment of african descent clashed. what is called now,ow

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